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What's next?

That’s the question serial entrepreneurs Ted and Kelly Alling were faced with in 2015. Alling had sold off Access America, a USD500 million logistics startup that would eventually merge with UPS subsidiary, Coyote Logistics, and they had just finished a sabbatical year living in London with their three kids.

Now they were back in their home base of Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA, and while Ted was — and is — still heavily involved in the logistics startup scene through his venture capital firms, LPG, Dynamo and Brickyard, they were looking to focus more of their attention on giving back to their community.

When the pair took a tour of Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy, Kelly, no stranger to philanthropic work as a former resource manager for Habitat for Humanity, found their answer: They would open an all-boys public charter school.

Opening its doors in August 2018, Chattanooga Preparatory School (Chatt Prep) serves at-risk, low-income boys in the Chattanooga area. The school was designed to provide unique and impactful educational opportunities in a supportive environment that promotes academic excellence and inspires leadership.

Currently more than 300 students are enrolled in grades 6-9. They began with just an inaugural sixth grade class, adding an additional one each year until they reach 12th grade and top out at 500 students through a lottery system.

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